What's New?

March 28, 2020: The homepage for Netty Directory was re-designed giving it a retro-technology appearance.

January 8, 2020: The website "Trump Hotels" was added to the category "Luxury Hotels".

January 4, 2020: The website "Wikipedia" was added to the category "Online Tools & Services".

December 30, 2019: The website "The Ocean Cleanup" was added to the category "Planet, Ocean & Environmental Organizations".

December 17, 2019: Started an ad campaign to promote the Famous Websites Tour.

December 8, 2019: "Auction Houses" was added to the category for Collectibles. 

November 23, 2019: New category "Elite Shopping & Online Stores" was added.

November 15, 2019: All links were tested and the directory was updated.

November 15, 2019: The website "Startup Awards" was changed to "Canie Awards" in the "Prizes & Awards" category.

October 22, 2019: The launch press release was issued through PR Underground. 

October 20, 2019: Netty Directory was completed and made available to the public.

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