Welcome to the Famous Websites Tour

This free tour is provided by the Netty Directory. It takes about a half-hour. Rachel will be your tour guide.

There are many featured websites in the tour, including: the British Royals, Oscars, PADI, Rolls-Royce, Hope Diamond, and the Olympics.


The sites in the tour are also featured in the Netty Directory under various categories. 

Please be aware that there may be changes made to the menus of the tour sites but the sites themselves should be active.

1. Click Start Tour.

2. First click the play ► button to start the audio commentary.


3. Click Open Website. You may need to accept or close a cookies dialog box.


4. When it comes to the end of the commentary, and you have finished browsing the site, close the famous website’s window, and then click the Next > button.

5. Repeat for each one.

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