Netty Directory Hosting a Famous Websites Tour

A new Internet directory is hosting a free tour of famous websites including: British Royals, Oscars, PADI, Hope Diamond, and Olympics.

VICTORIA B.C. Canada, October 22, 2019 – is hosting a Famous Websites Tour that is free, available to the public, and accessible from the homepage. There is an audio commentary about each site with twenty featured websites including: British Royals, Oscars, PADI, Hope Diamond, and Olympics.

The tour is both educational and entertaining especially for people who have never visited some of these majestic websites. It takes about an hour. Rachel is the tour guide who provides the audio commentary.


In October 2019, Howard Designs, a Canadian business, released a new Internet directory called Netty Directory. This directory of famous websites is for members only. The majority of the featured websites have been online for more than ten years. These are links only; the sites are not displayed in frames.

“One of the categories in the Netty Directory is Royal Families. It is a real treat to see their websites,” says Mary Howard, Netty Designer.

According to Mangool’s List of Top Keywords for 2018, the two most popular keywords that people searched for in 2018 were “facebook” and “youtube”. Both of these keywords are actually websites indicating that people often use search engines as though they were browsers. Netty members can go directly to many popular websites; both Facebook and YouTube are featured in the Netty Directory under the Social Media category.

Learn more about Netty by visiting the website and clicking How Netty Works.

Start the tour from the homepage.



Howard Designs is a Canadian company that specializes in developing designs using UX with a reality perspective. The company is based on Vancouver Island and is owned and operated by designer, Mary Howard.


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Mary Howard, Netty Designer




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