How Netty Works

BECOME A MEMBER: To use the Netty Directory, you must first become a member. This allows you and your family unlimited use of the directory. The annual membership fee is $25 CAD. There is a 5-day money-back guarantee. You can cancel your membership at any time.


HOW TO USE NETTY: First, bookmark the Categories page on your Bookmarks Bar so that it is easy to log into. After you log in, you can choose a category that interests you.  Featured websites include: a website title, a link, and a one-line description. When you click the link, the website will open in a separate window. You can easily go back and forth between Netty and your selected websites. Log out when you are done, or leave the directory open so that it is always accessible.

AD-FREE: There are no ads or sponsored links in the directory and no cookies or data mining on any page of the website.

CATEGORIES PAGE: Anyone can view the Categories (see Menu) but only members can view the individual category pages. 

FAMOUS WEBSITES: A featured website may be famous on its own, such as or be the website of a famous business or organization, such as the Nobel Prize website.

FUNCTIONAL WEBSITES: A featured website may be one that provides a useful or important function, such as Google Maps.

ESTABLISHED WEBSITES: The longer a website has been online, the more likely it is to have an established reputation. At the time of launch (Oct 2019), 90% of the featured websites in the Netty Directory had been online for more than ten years. 


SAFE SURFING: Although we can’t control the content of a website, we do try to select only websites that provide a safe-surfing experience for people of all ages.

WHAT’S NEW?: When you click the "What's New?" button, you can read a log record of what has recently been added to the Netty Directory, as well as company news.

REPORT A PROBLEM: Members are encouraged to report any problems, such as  a website is no longer working or doesn't provide a safe-surfing experience. Please email

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